What's My IP Address?

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Why Should I Hide My IP Address?

On its own, an IP address is harmless. Every device has a public IP address. But advertisers, hackers, and authorities can use your IP for nefarious purposes, such as to:

  • Track your activity online
  • Gather and sell your personal information
  • Restrict your access to online content
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PIA VPN Makes It Easy To Browse Anonymously

By hiding your IP address with PIA, you can conceal your identity and location for an incredibly low monthly cost. Get started today and enjoy private, secure, and anonymous online browsing. 

How Much Does It Cost To Protect Your IP Address?




$119.40 $39.95/년

모든 금액은 미국 달러로 표시되며, 모든 할인은 $9.95/월 가격의 현재 월간 서비스 가격을 기반으로 할인이 반영됩니다.

undefined 모든 플랜에는 30일 머니백 개런티가 적용됩니다.

VPN은 어떻게 작동하나요?

PIA VPN은 기기와 여러분이 연결하는 웹사이트나 어플리케이션 사이에 완충지대와 같은 역할을 합니다.

  • 추가 보호 장치
  • 인터넷 트래픽은 암호화됨
  • IP 주소 숨겨짐
  • 추적할 수 없음
  • 서버 위치 선택
  • 가장 좋아하는 콘텐츠 액세스
  • 추가 보호 없음
  • 인터넷 트래픽은 암호화되지 않음
  • IP 주소 노출됨
  • 손쉽게 추적 가능
  • 위치 정보 노출됨
  • 콘텐츠 차단되거나 검열될 수 있음
보호되지 않음
VPN으로 보호됨
VPN을 이용하지 않으면VPN을 이용하면

더 자세히 알고 싶으신가요?

PIA VPN connects to a remote server that conceals your real IP address and assigns you a new anonymous one, and encrypts your data. It acts as a buffer between your device and the website you're trying to connect to and offers extra protection and anonymity.

PIA’s most value-packed subscription comes out to only $2.69 per month. PIA offers the best VPN service at a significantly lower price than our competitors — and one subscription covers 10 devices.

An IP address is a necessary part of connecting to the internet. It’s a unique number linked to all of your online activity — including your device information, location, and more. This unique number provides a way for advertisers, hackers, and authorities can use your IP to track you online, gather and sell your personal information, or restrict your access to online content.

An IP address is necessary to connect to the internet, but it can also be used to track you online, as it is unique to your particular device. Advertisers, cybercriminals, and authorities can use your IP to keep tabs on you, gather and sell your personal information, or restrict your access to online content. For these reasons, it is considered a best practice of internet safety to hide your IP address, just as you would any other private information.

IP addresses are often closely tied to your geographical location. While an IP address won’t reveal the exact address of your home, it’s very easy to tell which country, state, city, or region you’re accessing the internet from. This is bad news for privacy, but good news for easily switching your IP to a new location.

Absolutely. You have a right to privacy online, and using PIA VPN to keep yourself secure and anonymous while browsing the web is perfectly legal in almost all jurisdictions. VPNs are legal in most countries worldwide except China, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, and other authoritarian regimes which only allow citizens to use state-approved VPN services.

Yes. Your real IP address is still protected when using a Dedicated IP. Unlike a shared IP, which is assigned to many users, a Dedicated IP is unique to your account — no one else can use it — avoiding congestion and giving you better speeds, all while preserving the same security and anonymity of a traditional VPN. So while a Dedicated IP is unique to only you, PIA keeps no record of which Dedicated IP belongs to which user — keeping you anonymous.

아직도 확신이 서지 않으세요? 위험 부담 없이 PIA를 체험하세요.

30일 머니백 개런티를 이용할 수 있습니다. 만족하지 않는다면, 환불받으세요.

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